Trappenburch: the first hybrid office

Agile working is in, flex offices are out

The way the interior of Dutch offices are designed has changed significantly in recent years. The last couple of years, flex offices have become very popular. Offering 20% less workplaces is very common. Except that the current trend of agile working (working together very intensively for a short period of time) demonstrates that flex offices are not always the solution. Those who will work at the office will set different/new requirements for their work environment. This will greatly affect the design of our future offices.


BOS ALKEMADE Architecten has developed the first hybrid offices for the Algemene Onderwijs Bond (AOb, Dutch Teaching Union). This is an office type that unites every working method and every way of setting up. There are permanent workplaces, flex workplaces, concentration centers, agile rooms, meeting rooms and scrum spaces in a very large variety.

With all these possibilities, there are even more demanding wishes for lighting. The users of the different areas need to be able to find a lighting that meet their needs. 


Fagerhult was invited by the BAM to design a light plan for the different areas like the entrance, the receptions, the offices, meeting rooms, the hallways and  stairwells.

To catch the onlooker’s eye, we chose for Terso LED, a powerful pendant with a simplistic design. Producing a comfortable general light, Terso is an ideal solution for reception desks, entrances and meeting rooms, irrespective of ceiling height. To add some additional variety we decided for different colors to match the ambiance of the building.

For the offices, our proposal was to use Recesso. A unique design makes ventilation through the luminaire possible without energy intensive light depreciation. It is therefore a standard solutions that satisfies the most stringent requirements on economy and flexibility.

Last but not least Pleiad G3. It’s advantage is that at in the design phase, the focus was placed upon perfect light treatment, quick installation and efficiency. Speed and ease of installation has long been synonymous with the Pleiad range and G3 takes this one step further. The luminaire can be installed without any manual effort.

The AOb is very proud to have the first hybrid office in the Netherlands and Fagerhult was glad to be able to contribute in this project. 


Pleiad G3

Pleiad G3 is the third generation of Fagerhult's successful downlight range - now equipped with LED. In common with its predecessors, the focus was placed upon perfect light treatment, quick installation and efficiency. In G3 these concept has been taken...


Simplicity is not easy. Frequently it is the standard solutions that have to satisfy the most stringent requirements on economy and flexibility. Recesso has been optimised for recess mounting in suspended ceilings with visible T-bars. A unique design...

Terso LED

Installation Two point suspension c/c 55–78 mm. Connection Snap-in terminal block 5x1.5 mm², through-wiring possible. Design The luminaire shade in spun aluminium, specular black or white. Other colours on request. Supplied with colour coordinated fabric...

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