Verda has style and function for every occasion. A complete luminaire family for careful and varied lighting of parks, outdoor living environments and smaller spaces in a city or town. A modular system with park luminaire and bollard makes it easy to design a lighting solution that reflects the soul of a location. Whatever you choose, the visual comfort is brilliant.

Verda is the luminaire family with many aspects. The head of the family, the park luminaire, has a modular design. The basic model can be supplemented with decor rings and a shade, either individually or in combination. This makes it easy to vary the lighting within a larger area, for example, a park, a market square or a tenant-owner association – with a cohesive aesthetic expression. The result is a beautiful and varied lighting environment that enhances the location’s attractiveness and raises the value of the buildings.

Naturally, the Verda family also has smaller members. Three bollards in different heights makes it possible to combine high and low light points. It provides dynamic lighting with both general light and directed light which illuminates the ground and shines a guiding light. Verda bollards are robust and offer a simple and flexible installation even with heavy cables and smooth onward connection.