e-Sense Organic

Are you looking for a smart, energy-saving lighting control for open plan offices? Do you want a control system that is really easy to install without programming? e-Sense Organic is the answer to your questions, lighting control as a true plug & play solution.

Organic Response Enablede-Sense Organic acts like a school of fish, where every individual communicates with its nearest neighbours. Each fixture has a sensor that responds to presence and daylight. Each sensor shares, receives and transmits information to the nearby light fittings.


The Sensor Node

Sensor NodeAt the heart of the system is the Sensor Node. Integrated into each luminaire during manufacture, each Sensor Node contains a motion sensor, infrared transmitter, infrared receiver, ambient light and intelligent microprocessor.



How it works

How the Sensor Nodes works

1. The moment a Sensor Node detects occupancy, the luminaire responds by outputting a predetermined light level. It simultaneously communicates with its immediate neighbour luminaires using a Level 1 proximity limited wireless infrared signal, telling them it can see someone.
2. On receipt of this signal the neighbouring Sensor Nodes know that there is someone within one light fitting, and responds by outputting a predetermined light level appropriate to that occupancy profile. They simultaneously relay a Level 2 signal to their own neighbours, notifying them of the occupant’s relative proximity.
3. This propagates throughout the floor, creating the Occupancy Information CloudTM. Each Sensor Node receives signals indicating how close someone is to it, and responds by emitting the appropriate light level based on the rich occupancy information it continually receives (and disseminates).



Wireless distributed intelligence

e-Sense Organic wireless distributione-Sense Organic is based on distributed intelligence where each luminaire receives and transmits information about presence and light level. Since each fixture contains a sensor e-Sense Organic provides a very sensitive and energy-efficient system solution. Without wiring, external sensors, routers and control panels the installation of e-Sense Organic is both simple and cost effective.


Optimising with your smartphone

With the app on your smartphone and an IR dongle multiple configuration options for each individual luminaire in the system can be made: Personalities

  • Light levels
  • Timing setting
  • Dwell times
  • Sensitivity of the sensor
  • IR transmission strength
  • Activation and setting of daylight control / constant light.

Fagerhult e-Sense Organic App



Comes in Multilume Flat and Indigo

Multilume Flat Delta

Multilume Flat has a completely level smooth surface which follows the surface of the ceiling, resulting in a stylish and discreet appearance.

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Indigo LED

Indigo LED unites LED energy efficiency with good lighting comfort.  The combination of direct and indirect light creates comfortable and glare-free working environments with a high proportion of ambient lighting on the walls.

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