Lighting control with e-Sense

Lighting control ensures the right light is produced in the right place and the right time and in the right quantity.  e-Sense luminaires are equipped with integrated light control; an attractive, easy installation without the need of add-on or external sensors.

Fagerhult e-Sense is the easiest, quickest way to install light control. Our aim has been to eliminate all the hidden costs of installation, operation and maintenance. To avoid switches and complicated settings. Install a luminaire and get a complete control system.


e-Sense ActiLume

Lighting control for individual and open-plan offices with presence, daylight and manual control. Easy installation without external sensors.

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e-Sense Tune

Lighting control for individual offices based on tunable white with daylight, presence and manual control. Controlled and personalised with your app on your smartphone.

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e-Sense Organic

Lighting control for open-plan offices without programming with precedence and daylight control. Wireless communication between the luminaries.

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e-Sense Connect

Wireless lighting control system for designed for classrooms with daylight and precessions control. Easy installation without control cables.

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e-Sense Move

Lighting control designed for stairwells with presence detection. Microwave sensors that wirelessly communicate with each other.

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e-Sense Detect

Lighting control for copying and storage rooms, toilets, corridors etc. The microwave sensor can be concealed in the luminaire without effecting its design or insulations class.

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e-Sense smartSWITCH

Light control with automatic switching featuring on/off, on/off with pull-dim or absence dimming.

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e-Sense Customised

Custom designed light control on a large scale based on network controlled DALI. We do design, programming and installation.

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Quick guide – find your control system

Personified lighting at the office space, different light levels in the classroom, presence detectors outdoors or dynamic retail stores. Fagerhult offers a variety of lighting control options; find the right one for your project.

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