Highlighting groceries

The groceries in a shop should feel appealing, tasteful and fresh! Well-planned LED lighting is important when highlighting products and portraying the groceries in a favourable and efficient way. Learn how to use lighting as a tool to create successful and energy efficient stores.

Illuminating food stores

iTrack Line LED

This is the new linear iTrack mounted luminaire that offers efficient and flexible general lighting in larger shops, supermarkets and department stores.

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Bring out the colours with Rich and Glow

The look of the meat, fish, cheese, bread, fruit and vegetables is affected by the quality of light. There is no need of coloured filters; we have luminaires with Rich and Glow functions, specially developed with the right light spectrum for exactly these areas.

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Multilume Function LED

Illuminate the store in a comfortable way with reduced glare and decreased energy consumption with Multilume Function LED. This luminaire is designed to easily install in a function ceiling or on a track.

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How to illuminate a supermarket

Get tips on how to illuminate supermarkets, hypermarket chains or the convenience store around the corner.

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How to illuminate a cafe or restaurant

Get tips on how to create a comfortable atmosphere and identity with interior and lighting.

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Light Guide as pdf

Read the Light Guide brochure about how to illuminate food applications.

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Intelligent and controllable lighting

In a shifting retail world we constantly gaze at the horizon to discover new possibilities. Lighting Controls for example is a energy efficient way to enhance the shopping experience.

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Highlighted products

iTrack Line LED

Multilume Function LED

Marathon Rich and Marathon Glow G2

Marathon Recessed Rich and Glow G2

Marathon Midi G2

Marathon Tunable

Zone Evo I Rich and Glow G2

Zone Evo I Recessed Rich and Glow G2

Zone Evo I G2

Zone Evo II Recessed G2

Zone Evo II G2

Zone Evo I Recessed G2

Relay Spot G2

Diva II

Multilume Flat Delta

Discovery Evo

AllFive LED

Iceberg Suspended

Tibi Pendant