Indira – a sky in the classroom

Indira is school lighting at the forefront of research. Based on new findings about the significance of ambient light for pupils’ well-being and performance, Indira is based solely on indirect light. Energy-efficient LED light sources provide a brighter and more pleasant classroom environment – with a much lower energy consumption.

The Indira concept was developed to create a wholesome and stimulating work environment in the classroom. By developing new LED-based luminaires with only indirect light, we have created powerful lighting which creates the experience of a brighter room. This solution is completely glare-free and provides the pleasant shadowing necessary for the classroom to feel natural and welcoming. 

Designed for Fagerhult’s iTrack

Indira comprises three different types of luminaires mounted on Fagerhult’s iTrack rails. The luminaires were designed specifically for these rails and have a harmonious appearance which blends into the room. 

The system provides a lot of flexibility over time, and superior energy efficiency makes Indira an obvious investment in our children’s future. A sustainable solution from a human, environmental and economic perspective. 

Flexible to install and adjust

Indira is mounted on Fagerhult’s lighting rail iTrack. This allows very quick installation, and then all you need is a connection point. The solution is also aesthetically appealing as the ceiling stays cleaner and is less easily damaged. The luminaires are mounted on a rail, which makes it easy to move them around and supplement them if the need arises. 

Better lighting, more energy-efficient

Research shows that a lot of ambient lighting is stimulating, but to achieve these levels using a traditional lighting solution requires energy.

In our new research study, we have compared Indira with the market’s best T5 solution (our own). This is why we can prove Indira provides 34% more ambient light with 13% less energy consumption, compared to a T5 solution based on direct/indirect light.

Indira has a lot of benefits – with an energy consumption of only 8 W/m2. The pupils get the best possible light combined with low energy consumption.

Simple and intuitive control

A teacher has to be able to give pupils their undivided attention, and should not have to worry about light management. Indira has an intuitive and easy-to-manage management system with different light scenarios including sensors for optimal energy efficiency.

The products

Indira Wallwasher

A luminaire where the light is directed at the wall. Mounted in connection with the classroom’s front and back walls.

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Indira Indirect/Wallwasher

A luminaire with combined wallwasher and uplight function. Mounted in connection with the classroom’s side walls.

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Indira Indirect

A luminaire with an uplight function where the light is directed at the ceiling. Used as a supplement or mounted in a T solution for smaller classrooms.

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